Kommune/ Citizen Services

After your start your job as a

No-Experience worker

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Kommune / Citizen services

When you receive your letter from Statsforvaltningen (State Administration Office) and CPR number from your employer, you need to go to the Kommune/Borgerservice.

Important about your CPR number:
DO NOT go to Kommune/ Citizen Services before you receive your TAX CPR number from your employer!
You risk receiving two CPR numbers and there may be troubles with your bank account, salary and holiday money.

You must have with you the below documents:

  1. The letter received from Statsforvaltningen (State Administration Office)
  2. A copy of the Tax CPR number letter received by your employer
  3. Your passport or National ID Card
  4. Copy of your passport or National ID Card (in folder)
  5. Your Marriage Certificate (if married - in folder)

At the Kommune they will register you in the Civil Registration System and they will assign you a CPR number (Civil Registration Number).


  • When you will receive your yellow card by postal mail
  • Getting Digital Post
  • Getting a NEMID
  • Attending Danish language classes.