Kommune/ Citizen Services

After your start your job as a

No-Experience worker

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Contact Skat / Tax authorities

Agrojob Denmark is responsible for your your initial tax registration, and if applicable, travel deduction from bus boarding location to Tarm, Denmark. Special rules may apply.
For more information please see link: www.skat.dk/english > Working and living in Denmark > Deductions and allowances > Work related deductions and allowances > Deduction for transport between home and work (http://www.skat.dk/skat.aspx?oid=2244504&lang=us), or contact the tax office.

Agrojob Denmark is not responsible for any changes you make on your tax registration.

After your initial registration with the tax authorities by Agrojob Denmark, if you are having a problem with your taxes, or have any questions, then it is your responsibility to contact Skat/tax authorities yourself. Have your CPR number ready when you talk to them.

You have 2 options:

  • Option 1 - Phone
    You can contact Skat by phone: +45 72 22 27 95. Skat welcomes you to call if you need help or guidance in your tax matters. This is free of charge and they speak English.
  • Option 2 - Online
    If you have NemID/ E-tax password, you can use the contact form after having logged on to E-tax at www.skat.dk/english.
    If you do not have a CPR number or a NemID/E-tax password, you can use the English contact form at www.skat.dk/contact.