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Full name
Danish level
Relationship status
When can you start?


Describe yourself using ONE word
A short description of you as a person
Why do you want to continue working in Denmark?

Work experience:

Mandatory: Farmer contact name + telefon
When was the last time you worked in DK in a farm?
Why did you stop working at your last job?
Total amount of Danish work experience
Area of experience on farm with time periods
Regarding the work - What are you best at
Desired salary
Last salary + Last housing price

Responsibilities at work:

Number of cows in the farm
Milking system type
Taking care of the farm alone, coordinating other employees
Milking times per day
Milking alone or in a team
Washing the milking room
Ability to detect sick cows
Giving medical/ injectable treatments?
Assisting with birthing
Record treatments/ calves or dead cows
Taking care and feeding the calves
Cleaning and washing calves' boxes
Cows euthanasia (killing) using a bolt pistol
Driving tractor to mix and spread food?
Using minilæsser or other machines in the farm
Spreading straw with a fork or a machine
Driving a tractor in the field
Repairing jobs in the farm (ex. feeding system, milking machines)
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