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Please fill out these questions


Full name
Phone number
Date of birth
Driver license
Do you own a DK registered car?
English language skills
Danish language skills


Please answer with details about you:

Do you have a Danish medicine course diploma?
Danish agricultural education?(period, name of school, module)
Relationship situation
Do you have children?
Willing to relocate anywhere in DK/ Will not move / If only in specific area (where is that ):
Additional requests (housing, job responsibilities, moving with family)
Describe yourself using ONE word and why you choose that word?
Why do you want to continue working in Denmark?
A short description of you as a person
When can you start a new job?

Work experience:

Mandatory: Farmer contact name + telefon
When was the last time you worked in DK in a farm?
Why did you stop working at your last job? Or why are you looking for another job?
Total amount of Danish work experience (start date / end date/ company )
Area of experience on farm with time periods ( 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years…)
Regarding the work - What are you best at (area of farm)
Desired salary
Last salary + Last housing price

Responsibilities at work:

(Answer back to the relevant questions according to your experience.)

Write details about the last farm you worked in
If you worked in more than one farm, write details about the other farm you worked in
How many cows were in the farm?
Did you use minilæsser or other machines in the farm?
Did you use a tractor to mix and spread food?
Did you take care of the farm alone, coordinating other employees?
Did you drive the tractor in the field?
Did you wash the milking room?
Did you milk alone or in a team?
How many times per day did you milk?
What was the type of the milking system?
Did you have to detect sick cows?
Did you give medical/ injectable treatments?
Did you assist with birthing?
Did you record treatments/ calves or dead cows?
Did you take care and feed the calves?
Did you spread straw with a fork or a machine?
Did you clean and wash calves' boxes?
Did you euthanize cows or calves?
Did you make repairs in the farm (ex. feeding system, milking machines)
List other work experience that you have (start date / end date, period, country, main responsibilities)
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