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Agrojob Denmark has job opportunities on Danish cow, pig and mink farms. 

We offer jobs on Danish animal farms for qualified workers without previous farming experience. Starting gross salary is 16.000 DKK a month (approx. 2.150 €) for 160 hour per month. An additional gross payment of 24.000 DKK (3.200 €) is earned after completion of 12-month contract (Feriepenge) All contracts are for 12 months.

Important:  There is never a prepayment for Agrojob Denmark’s Service Package. This package includes:

  • Transportation from Romania to you Danish farm
  • Danish Tax registration
  • Danish Immigration Registration
  • Good living accommodations (own bedroom – share house with other employees)
  • Danish Health Insurance
  • Advance salary payment (2.500 DKK / 300€) after first 2 weeks of work
  • Consulting services during the first 3 months of contract period

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