Apply for Danish farm jobs

Agrojob Denmark has job opportunities on Danish cow and pig farms. 
We offer jobs on Danish animal farms for qualified workers without previous farming experience. Starting gross salary is 19.200 DKK a month (approx. 2.590 €) in the first 3 months, and starting with the 4th month the salary is 20.800 DKK (aprox. 2.800 €) for 160 hour per month. An additional net payment of aprox 19.100 DKK (2.560 €) is earned after completion of 12-month contract (Feriepenge). All contracts are for 12 months.
Important:  There is never a prepayment for Agrojob Denmark’s services.

Do you have experience in danish farming? - No problem!
Agrojob has job opportunities for experienced farm workers as well. If you have worked on a Danish farm for minimum a year, with a good recommendation – you qualify. Your new salary is based on your previous farming experience, farmer’s recommendation and your ability to speak English / Danish.

To apply for a job on a Danish animal farm through Agrojob you need to registrate here.
Afterward, if you qualify - we will contact you, either by phone, SMS or email. Potential candidates will then be invited to an online interview.
OBS: Remember to write a valid telefon number, and a valid email address. This we will use to confirm that we received your CV.