Things to do when working in Denmark

You just moved to Denmark, and you have your first day off. What are you going to do all day? We got some great ideas for you.

When working in Denmark there is so much to do in your spare time. There is plenty of nature to explore, whether you go mountainbiking or fishing. Gain new friends, when you join the local football team. Or visit new cities, when you want to meet up with fellow countrymen.

We will update this page with inspiration for things to do in Denmark. So keep checking in once in a while for new ideas.


Find new friends when you work in Denmark

Why not be a part of a community with your fellow countrymen? There are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends and get tips on everyday questions like – where is the best place to shop? Where is the best place to hang out or go to watch a football match?

Meet fellow Romanians at InterNations website or check out your local Romanian-Danish friendship society, when you arrive. Or are you Bulgarian? Danish-Bulgarian Cultural Society have their own Facebook page or you can meet other bulgarians at

Where to shop food & groceries in Denmark

We recommend the following stores to do your daily shopping of food and groceries in Denmark (if you want the best prices, and get the most out of your new salary). Click on the link to find a store:


Have you ever tried fishing in Skjern Å?

Do you like fishing? Skjern Å is a popular fishing spot in Denmark. People especially come to try their luck with the great salmons. See Skjern Å on a map. Last year almost 1700 salmons were caught right here. The biggest one was measured 122 cm and weight 20 kg - Can you beat that?

We also have more than 200 Put and Take lakes in Denmark. By these small lakes you can go catch great farm trouts for an hourly charge. You can find a Put and Take lake in almost every corner of Denmark. So no matter where you live and work, there will be great fishing spots in the area. Check out all the Put and Take options.

7,300 km coastline

When you arrive in Denmark it is not all work. There will be some spare time and we have so much to offer. With more than 7,300 km of coastline in Denmark we have many beautiful beaches. You will never have more than 50 km to the coast. 

Have you ever been to Klitmøller on the rough West Coast with great waves and plenty of wind? Klitmøller is known as Cold Hawaii and is a paradise for surfers who love a challenge.

So how about getting some fresh air and enjoy the beaches?

Where to buy your electronic devices

There is a lot of stores in Denmark, where you can buy your new iPhone, TV or computer.
We recommend the following based on their large selection and low prices. Click on the link to find a store: