Frequently asked questions

If you are working abroad or are going to work abroad, you might have a lot of questions on your mind. Which is why we have collected answers to the questions we have been asked most frequently. You can read them here. Otherwise feel free to contact us, if your questions are not answered on this page.

I am searching for a job. What do I have to do?

  • If you don’t have experience in Danish farming, complete our online CV (click HERE) and,  if qualify, Agrojob will contact you by email and SMS.
  • If you have Danish farming experience, complete the experienced online CV (click HERE). Important: write your previous farmer’s name and phone number on CV for recommendation. We will contact you after we have your recommendation.

When do I receive my Employment Contract?

  • First complete an online CV (Click HERE)
  • Second, you will have an personal interview (Online using either Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whats App). After passing the interview, we will begin to search for a new job for you. When you are selected by a farmer, we will email your 12-month Employment Contract to you.
  • If you have experience in Danish farming, we will first check your work recommendation. If it is positive, we will begin to search for a new job for you. When a farmer selects you, we will email your Employment Contract to you.

How will I travel to Denmark?

  • If you don’t have experience in Danish farming, Agrojob Denmark will provide a travel package for you. You can review our  check our Service package information (click HERE).
  • If you have experience in Danish farming, you are responsible for your own transportation to the farm.

How will I be registered in Denmark?

I have not received Registration Letter or tax CPR number

What do I have to do?

Send an email about it to

Include your full name, start working date, and living (housing) address from DK. Also, any additional information that you feel is important.

I have problems with tax deduction/ fradrag

What do I have to do?

  • Take a picture of your tax paper “Forskudsopgårelse” (from SKAT) and email this to, together with your start working date.

How much do I pay in taxes?

  • If you have never worked in Denmark before, you will pay less in taxes during your first year. At the interview we will provide you more information.
  • If you have worked before in Denmark, your tax deduction will be calculated based on your current Danish tax history.

I have questions about my salary

What do I have to do?

  • You need to talk with your employeer about it. He knows best about your salary.

When do I receive my salary?

  • Salary will be transferred on the last business day of the month, no exceptions.

What do I need for my registration to Citizen Services?

  • For your initial registration with Kommune/ Citizen Services (to get your yellow card), you need to have your registration letter (Immigration Office), Tax CPR number (SKAT), your ID/ Pass, and your marriage certificate (if married) with you. 
  • For experienced workers that already have a yellow card, you can make the registration on-line with your NEM-ID, at: Choose “Notification of change of address”.
  • Attention: you must register your new address within 5 days after your relocation.

How can I open a bank account?

  • You can open a bank account only after you have a yellow card. Contact bank first and ask what documents you need to have with you.

I have questions about my holiday payment

What do I have to do?