Agricultural work in Denmark - Apply here

To apply for a job on a Danish farm through Agrojob you need to fill out your CV.

Afterward, we will contact you, either by phone, SMS or email. Potential candidates will then be invited to either a face-to-face interview as close to your home in Romania or Bulgaria as possible or an interview held via Skype, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

If you're already working in Denmark, you can either have the face-to-face interview in Denmark or online.

Below you can fill out your CV. Choose the box to your left if you do not have any experience with agricultural work in Denmark. Read more about farm work in Denmark for non-experienced workers here. Otherwise, choose the box to your right if you have experience with Danish farm work. We are looking forward to read your CV.


Please complete your CV in English

CV for NO-experience workers

Complete this CV if you DID NOT work before in a farm, or if you worked less than 1 year in a farm, in Denmark.

CV for Experienced workers

Complete this CV if you worked more than 1 year in a farm, in Denmark.