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After your new job starts

When starting a new job in Denmark, there are a few things you need to know. 

First, you will learn the basic techniques of Danish farming. You will probably improve you English and will get to know a new group of people. It is an exciting time.

Upon your arrival in Denmark, Agrojob will assist you with your paperwork – legal registration with Danish immigration and the Tax office.

Before or during this time, you can always contact Agrojob Denmark at +45 97 36 14 46, if you have any questions.

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Name on mailbox

2-4 weeks after you have been registered with State administration
You will receive in the same day the paper from SIRI (State administration office).
Your employer will receive your tax CPR number by postal mail or E-boks.


Name on mailbox
PUT YOUR NAME ON THE MAILBOX WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE FARM. (Use employer’s home address on contract)
If you do not do this, you will not receive your registration or tax documents.
Agrojob Denmark will not be responsible for any problems resulting from you not putting your name on the mailbox.


Rules of bio-security

Rules of bio-security

  • You need 24 hours quarantine before entering into the pig buildings where you work, if you have been visiting other pig farms or have just been in contact with other pigs.
  • You need 48 hours quarantine before entering into the pig buildings where you work, if you have visited foreign countries.
  • You are only allowed to enter the pig buildings and feed mill area through the clothes changing room.
  • Every time you enter the pig buildings you take off your shoes at the entrance door, take off your clothes and put them into your own locker, wash your hands with soap and then go to the clean side and put the farm clothes on.
  • You are not allowed to walk outside the pig buildings in farm clothes and farm boots.
  • You are not allowed to let anybody (friends, strangers and inspectors from authorities) into the pig buildings.
  • All the doors to the outside of the pig buildings should always be closed and locked.
  • If you take tools, material and spare parts from the outside, into the pig buildings, they have to be disinfected.
  • You are not allowed to walk on the outside ramp when pigs are being delivered.
  • When you are taking dead pigs to the container beside the road, you are not allowed to enter the pig buildings and the office before next day.
  • You are not allowed to bring any food products from foreign countries to Denmark. You are only allowed to have food products in your apartment and in the office area which are purchased in a legal Danish food store.

Citizen services

Kommune / Citizen services
When you have the paper from SIRI (State Administration Office) and CPR number from your employer, you need to go to the Kommune/Borgerservice.

Important about your CPR number
DO NOT go to Kommune/ Citizen Services before you receive your TAX CPR number from your employer!
You risk receiving two CPR numbers and there may be troubles with your bank account, salary and holiday money.

You must have with you the below documents

  • The paper received from SIRI (State Administration Office)
  • A copy of the Tax CPR number letter received by your employer
  • Your passport or National ID Card
  • Copy of your passport or National ID Card 
  • Your Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • At the Kommune they will register you in the Civil Registration System and they will assign you a CPR number (Civil Registration Number).


  • When you will receive your yellow card by postal mail
  • Getting Digital Post
  • Getting a NEMID
  • Attending Danish language classes

Digital post - E-boks

Digital Post is post from public authorities
These may be pension statements, letters from the hospital about examinations, messages from your bank, or your local citizen service center, etc. From the 1st of November 2014, all citizens above the age of 15, registered with a Danish civil registration number (CPR number), will receive Digital Post from the public authorities.

Secure and flexible
Digital Post is personal and secure, because it is linked to your NemID digital signature and your civil registration number (CPR number). You can read your Digital Post on any computer, including when you are on holiday abroad.

If you want to know more about Digital Post, and what it means for you, then contact your local citizen service centre (borgerservice). Here you can get help to use Digital Post.


NemID is your free login for everything. Use it for your online banking, to check your taxes online, register a new address, etc.

In order to have a NemID, you need to go to a citizen service centre in person. You need to have with you, your National ID card or passport and your yellow CPR-card that you will receive by postal mail.
You also need to bring an attesting witness, who can give evidence to your identity. An attesting witness must be at least 18 years old, have a CPR-number and must present valid photo identification, and sign a solemn declaration under penalty of law.
You cannot order a NemID online. To be able to do this you need a Danish passport.

Code card
When you have requested NemID, you will receive a NemID code card by post. The code card is a little piece of card about the size of a credit card, printed with a list of numbers (one-time passwords). You need to use the codes on the code card together with your user ID and password each time you use NemID.

Activating NemID
After you have received your code card, you will also be sent an activation password by post. This activation code is only to be used the first time you want to use NemID. Afterwards, the system will ask you to create your own password.

Use NemID as you wish
After you have received your code card and created your own password, you will be up and running with NemID.
Click here for guide to login.

Self-service on the NemID website is your gateway to all aspects of administration for your NemID. This is where you can change your user ID or password, for example, or request an extra code card if you need to.

If you have questions regarding NemID, you can contact your local citizen service center, or Nemid support at 72 24 70 50.

Danish bank account

When you receive your yellow card / CPR card by postal mail, you need to go to the bank and open a bank account.
We recommend calling the bank first, before your visit, to ask if any additional documents are needed. Some banks require a fee to open a bank account, or for a debit card.

You need to have with you:

  • Your passport or National ID Card
  • Your yellow card / CPR card
  • Your job contract
  • Ask the bank about opening a Nemkonto/easy account.

Click here for more information about Nemkonto (in english)

Tax Authorities

Agrojob Denmark is responsible for your your initial tax registration, and if applicable, travel deduction from bus boarding location to Holstebro, Denmark. Special rules may apply.
Click here for more information (in english) or call the tax office.

Agrojob Denmark is not responsible for any changes you make on your tax registration.

After your initial registration with the tax authorities by Agrojob Denmark, if you are having a problem with your taxes, or have any questions, then it is your responsibility to contact Skat/tax authorities yourself. Have your CPR number ready when you talk to them.

You have 2 options:

Option 1 - Phone
You can contact Skat by phone: +45 72 22 27 95. Skat welcomes you to call if you need help or guidance in your tax matters. This is free of charge and they speak English.
Option 2 - Online
If you have NemID/ E-tax password, you can use the contact form after having logged on to E-tax at
If you do not have a CPR number or a NemID/E-tax password, you can use the English contact form at

After registration
Afterwards you get a 'forskudsopgørelse'. Ask your employer or tax office to walk you through. Click here to see an example.

Holiday payment

While working in Denmark, you will receive a holiday allowance of 2.08 days per month. You can use this “holiday allowance” during the second year of your employment.

For more information regarding holiday payment click here.

Here is an example
You earn “holiday allowance” from 1 January to 31 December and you use this money the following year, starting 1 May.

This means that:
The money you earn as »holiday allowance« in the period of 1 January - 31 December 2019, you can use from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2021. In the period of 1 January - 31 December 2019 you may take up to 5 weeks of holiday, according to your employer’s schedule. However, you will not receive money in this period.
If you leave Denmark before receiving your “holiday allowance”, you will need to contact your local “kommune” and they will assist you in receiving this payment.

To be succesful in Denmark

Follow these advices to be succesfulk in Denmark:

  • Be on time. Do not come to work late.
  • Show interest in your work.
  • You are new to this farm – learn the job.
  • Do not use your mobile phone during work. No exceptions.
  • If you have a problem – talk with your farmer/manager about it. Have open communication.
  • If something breaks or you have made a mistake – tell someone. Do not just walk away.
  • Take notes and study your job responsibilities. Ask questions if you do not understand something. Listen to the answer and then…. remember the answer.
  • If you smoke, do not throw your cigarettes butt on the ground. Put them in the trash.
  • Do not expect special treatment. This is a job opportunity.
  • You are the new worker at the farm. Show respect to the others that live there and if you have a female boss or co-worker – SHOW RESPECT!

How to read your salary

It can be confusing to read your first salary. You can read HERE how your salary is paid. Click here to see a salay paper and to get an explanation of every field.