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Agrojob Denmark is a Danish recruiting/ consulting firm, which specializes in job opportunities with Danish farmers. Agrojob Denmark is responsible for providing consulting assistance with residence/work permits, Danish tax registration, Danish travel/ health insurance, transportation to Denmark, and more. Basically, Agrojob Denmark provides all the assistance necessary to connect you to opportunity!


Agrojob Denmark's service package

Important: There is never a prepayment to Agrojob Denmark!

1. Online presentation about contract, requirements and questions

2. Marketing your profile to Danish farmers for an employment contract

3. Emailing of work contract to you for your approval before traveling to Denmark

4. Consulting services for a work permit and initial tax registration

5. Registration at Danish State Administration/ Immigration Department and transport to your new workplace

6. Consulting assistance during your 12 month employment contract

Additional services provided

After the first 2 weeks of work, your employer will transfer a pre-salary payment of 300 € for food, etc.


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